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  • The exclusive Universal Control Panel allows you to install and control your Infratech heaters using any 120V lighting dimmer of your choice, to coordinate with your home or commercial property’s décor.
  • A 120V Universal Slide Dimmer is provided for convenience (timer optional).
  • Create multiple heating zones – an ideal feature for larger or commercial properties.
  • Infratech’s exclusive Universal Control Panel allows you to remotely control your heating system from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® compatible device that can be purchased to gain this function.
  • Universal Control Panel is 508/UL-listed and made in the USA.


The Universal Control is a complete solution that will work with almost any 120V Lighting System.

Install and control your Infratech heaters using the switches of your choice. This will allow you to coordinate controls with your property’s style.

The Universal Panel comes with a standard dimmer switch, which can be easily replaced to match your current switches or offer additional features such as Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth dimmer control options, motion sensor dimmer option and more!

Infratech exclusive, no other outdoor comfort heat provider offers this.


9,000 watt maximum (for 240 volt) 8,000 watt maximum (for 208 volt)

NEMA 4 enclosure:

Interior measurement: 20″ h x 14″ w x 6″ d

Exterior measurement: 20″ h x 16″ w x 7″ d

120 volt universal slide dimmer provided, timer optional (Item# 15 1705)

120 volt Wi-Fi/Bluetooth compatible devices can be purchased separately 

UL Listed

Made in the USA

3 Year Warranty


30-4071     1 Relay Universal Panel
30-4072    2 Relay Universal Panel
30-4073    3 Relay Universal Panel
30-4074    4 Relay Universal Panel
30-4075     5 Relay Universal Panel
30-4076     6 Relay Universal Panel


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