INF Input Regulators

Product Id: 14-4200
Catagory :
  • Low cost control option for single element heaters up to 3000 watts (maximum 15 amps).
  • Not a dimmer – INF gently cycles the heater on/off at regular intervals when not on full power.
  • Each heater must have its own INF Input Regulator.
  • Set in a stainless steel wall plate

Regulator Part Numbers listed below are for 240V (also available for 120V).


14-4200     Single INF Dial 

14- 4205    Dual INF Dial

14-4210     Single Flush Mount w/Weatherproof Cover

14-4215     Dual Flush Mount w/Weatherproof Cover

14-4220    Single Surface Mount w/Weatherproof Box

14-4225    Dual Surface Mount w/Weatherproof Box   



Infratech’s INF Input Regulator offers efficient ease of use at an economical price point. Choose a single or double gang box. In-Wall or Surface Mount options available with or without weatherproof covers.  Just set the control dial to the desired heat output!


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