Patio Heater Replacement Parts!  Over the years we have saved thousands of patio heaters from ending up in landfills!  Many times problems are resolved with just a cleaning.  We carry such a large variety of outdoor patio heater replacement parts, we probably have the one you need!  If not we’ll try to find it for you!

The most common patio heater questions:

Why won’t my pilot light?

  • Blockage in venturi tube that houses the pilot feed tube (very common for   spiders to build webs which will block venturi feed tube. Burnt sentiment from pilot light will also block venturi tube (back out pilot feed tube and use pipe cleaner to remove debris. Use compressed air if possible to thoroughly clean.         
  • Pilot feed tube clogged (replace pilot feed tube)     
  • Propane tank empty or not open.     
  • Striker piazza switch not working (replace piazza switch)
  • Change Battery in Igniter
  • Replace Thermocouple

Why does my unit burn low or won’t stay ignited

  • Propane temperature needs to be above 40 degrees F. Propane will freeze at or below 40 degrees F and will not perform properly. Solution: Wrap propane bottle with a towel or blanket or relocate temporarily to area where temperature is above 40 degree’s F.
  • Faulty propane gas regulator (replace gas regulator)
  • Fittings and hoses from regulator to burner are not tight. (Tighten all fittings and check for leakage)


Did you know if you move your outdoor patio heater while lit, it will most likely trip the Anti-tilt switch & cut the gas supply!  It will never reset!  This is an important safety feature but you will need to purchase a new Anti-tilt Switch.


If you clean your patio heater, keep it covered while not in use and store it properly it should last for many, many years!

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