Infratech W-Series “WD” Infrared Heaters contain two quartz elements!  Emitting safe, clean wavelengths of light.  Only being absorbed by solid objects. Infrared heat transfers heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. Infrared heat can be distributed very evenly. It won’t simply “blow away” in windy or drafty conditions! There are many control options to regulate the heat output.


Infratech quartz element heaters emit a subtle, barely noticeable glow that will not affect the ambience of your gathering. Unlike competitive short-wave or halogen electric heaters that produce a very harsh glare or a bright-colored light. Also traditional gas heaters are often less than 50% efficient. By contrast, all of the W-Series are energy-efficient converting over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat. Another benefit is they require much less clearances than gas heaters!


Most Infratech W-Series Infrared Heaters operate for less than a dollar an hour! Infratech electric infrared heaters are safe for outdoor or indoor use. They operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors and do not require ventilation. In addition, the Infratech W-Series Infrared Heaters components and packaging are completely recyclable.

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