Infratech Infrared W-Series Patio Heaters are eco-friendly and energy efficient with zero emissions!
There are a variety of control options to choose from such as customized climate control, smart home compatibility, or simple on/off switches! Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Bronze, White or Beige as well as other custom powder coated finishes.

W-Series contain a single heating element. The WD-Series contain two heating elements. Both have relatively low clearance requirements, a wide range of sizes and are UL listed. Available in various watts & volt sizes.

LOW MAINTENANCE! The Infratech W-Series heaters are odorless, glare-free warmth, conserve energy, easy installation and realize long-term savings on heating costs over time, average heating element lifespan is 5000 hours! But the best part might just be no tanks to fill!

Whether you choose wall, ceiling, pole mount or the seamless look of the recessed option with the Infratech Flush Mount Frames, the ambient warmth of the W-Series will be enjoyed!
Email your space measurements and volts & we’ll provide some recommendations! Professional discounts provided to contractors.

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